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Original name in Latvian: biedrība “Rēzeknes rajona kopienu partnerība”
English translation: Association “Community Partnership of Rezekne Region”

The Association “Community Partnership of Rezekne Region” (Rezekne Partnership) is a non-governmental organization operating since 2007 in the territory of Rēzekne Municipality and bringing together both legal entities and natural persons – entrepreneurs, local municipalities and non-governmental organizations. We aim at sustainable development of our territory and welfare and prosperity of our inhabitants.

The Association’s objective is to increase the quality of life of rural communities in Rēzekne Municipality by the local society’s involvement in the elaboration and implementation of a local development strategy (the Strategy). The Strategy is a local development plan elaborated by the Association according to the local community’s needs. It prescribes the priorities and necessary changes regarding the local territory development.

We guide and encourage inhabitants to submit and implement projects within the framework of the Strategy, thus supporting the rural communities’ initiatives which contribute to social and business environment development in rural territories.

Planning period 2007-2013

Since 2009 there have been announced 8 project application rounds with the total available funding EUR 1 351 585,13 EUR.

There have been submitted 377 projects, 250 of them were approved.

Planning period 2014-2020

Funding allocated for implementation of the Strategy – EUR 2.7 million (until 2019).

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