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Partnerships or Local Action Groups (LAGs) each operate in a particular rural territory representing the interests of its inhabitants and implementing the LEADER approach.

The concept of LEADER is to improve the quality of life for rural inhabitants with regard to economical and social improvements and maintainance of the environment.

How it works: the basic principle of LEADER is the „bottom-up approach” which means that the initiative comes from the local inhabitants as they engage in the definition and solution of topical issues in their territory. Therefore LEADER is based on the elaboration and implementation of a Local Development Strategy which defines the needs and directions of development in the particular territory.

The vision of LEADER – rural inhabitants happy with their lives and able to satisfy their economical and social needs as close to their homes as possible.

Due to the LEADER approach rural inhabitants can:

  • define the priorities of local development (which are not contrary to the local planning documents);
  • participate in decision-making;
  • attract public financing to solution of local issues;
  • improve the economic activity;
  • evelop the living environment.

The duties of LAGs (Partnerships) in the implementation of the LEADER approach:

  • elaboration of local development strategies (Strategies) based on the inhabitants’ needs;
  • definition of the local development priorities;
  • making decisions about the submitted project application compliance with the Strategy;
  • seeking new solutions and approaches to the existing obstacles for development;
  • promotion of collaboration between different organizations at a local, national and international level;
  • building up a LAGs network.
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