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Any natural person residing in Latvia or abroad, and any legal entity registered in Latvia or abroad can become a Member of our Association by submitting us a completed application form (available in Latvian, see below). Legal entities shall submit an application form and a certified copy of the Statutes. Legal persons registered abroad shall legally operate in the territory of the Republic of Latvia.


Our Members are privileged to:
• submit their ideas and proposals regarding our activities and performance,
• network and collaborate with other Members and Collaborative partners;
• participate in different kind of seminars and other events organized for our Members;
• participate in study and experience exchange events and trips;
• place a free-of-charge publication in our website.


By becoming a Member of our Association, the Applicant certifies that s/he undertakes to get acquainted with our Statutes and facilitate the implementation of the Association’s tasks and goals, as well as to pay the Membership fee – EUR 14.00 per year (2017).


Application form for natural persons (in Latvian) 
Application form for legal entities (in Latvian)

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